Ad of The Week: Finish “Dishes” vs. Nike Golf “Ripple”   This week I'm torn between these two ads, so I'll leave it up to you guys to decide! I do love a funny advert, but there's also nothing like an ad that encourages people to pursue their dreams. Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below ­čÖé

Three Things To Be Grateful For

Gratitude is one of the most powerful things that we can experience. Starting and ending your day on a positive note is so important. Not only are you setting yourself up for a more productive & emotionally perceptive day. You're also bringing that energy with you into the next day & surrounding your colleagues/family/friends with … Continue reading Three Things To Be Grateful For

Why Being Unrealistic is The Perfect Strategy

Being realistic┬áencourages mediocrity. Mediocrity is an average - and nothing new, inspiring or innovative comes from what already is. There are far too many people that lower their personal expectations because they choose to think 'realistically'. Now, don't get me wrong, all things take time and I don't believe in irrational thinking. You cannot turn … Continue reading Why Being Unrealistic is The Perfect Strategy