10 Productivity Hacks for Solopreneurs

When you're trying to build something from the group up, it can be hard to balance your wants and needs. Especially when you're in charge. Running a one-man band doesn't need to be constant stress or struggle. With the right habits and strategies in place, you can tackle every last thing on your to-do list … Continue reading 10 Productivity Hacks for Solopreneurs

10 Things Every 20 Something Year-Old is Thinking

How many of you wonder if you’re the only person that thinks too much? Or, worries too much? I know that I have. Even though I’m trying to enjoy the present, my mind does keep fast forwarding to the future. Our twenties are an amazing transitional period of our life that is usually spent trying … Continue reading 10 Things Every 20 Something Year-Old is Thinking

Raising Your Game… When it Counts

The mind can be a dangerous place. It’s either your greatest sanctuary or over-flooding with your darkest fears. We’ve created this habit of punishing ourselves with losses that haven’t even happened. Nerves consume the mind and trap the body. It’s literally a psychological brick wall — stopping us from fulfilling our potential. Oh the nerves, the nerves; … Continue reading Raising Your Game… When it Counts