8 Martin Luther King Jr. quotes & how they translate to today’s world

On this day, every year, the world takes a moment to remember one of the greatest leaders in history. But, instead of simply sharing a few of Martin Luther King Jr's most famous quotes, I want to remind people that you can put his words into action every day. Whilst society has indeed changed, MLK's … Continue reading 8 Martin Luther King Jr. quotes & how they translate to today’s world


What Does It Mean to Be a Working Mom?

‘Parenting is rewarding. But so is my career’ – An amazing insight into the reality of being a working mother.


It’s no secret. I am a proud Mom. My tween is on the honor roll. She made the basketball team at a new school. She has this amazing philanthropic spirit. And most days, my daughter can tolerate hanging out with her YouTube-confused, middle-aged Mom.

After her birth, I was prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Teething. Potty training. Pre-algebra homework. But even in a modern society, I never imagined to be surrounded by road blocks – in and out of work.

We as women continue to battle obstacles most men rarely experience. These hurdles are not limited to the workplace. We have been raised in a culture where men are historically placed in a higher echelon.

However, not all of the blame lays with society. I recently attended an event where two female CEOs spoke about love and children and left the audience with no actionable lessons. They stereotypically walked right into the clichéd “working mom”…

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BizGalz Recap – Life Lessons That we Can Learn from Superheroes

Some very valuable lessons can be taken from our fictional heroes. And, even better, female superheroes are now on the rise.



On Monday, we decided to talk about all of the great life lessons that we can learn from Superheroes, with guest Casie Shimansky. We’ve all grown up gazing at these fictional characters with awe. They dominate the film industry and manage to stay alive in our hearts from childhood to adulthood. So why are they so powerful? What do we gain from these characters? Can these lessons be applied to the realm of business as well as life? This is what the BizGalz community had to say.

We all have the power to make a difference; we just need to find the courage to do so. The characteristic that was mentioned most frequently was courage. It takes courage to stand up for what you believe in, put others before yourself and fight against wrong-doing. What many people forget is that you don’t need to be superhuman to have courage…

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