Greatness Vs. Fame: Why we can all be one but not the other

We all want to be remembered for something. Whether it’s for our skills, companionship, intellect or sense of humor, we all want to know that somehow, we’ve contributed to something that is bigger than ourselves AND we want to do it in our own unique way. On the face of it, this is harmless and … Continue reading Greatness Vs. Fame: Why we can all be one but not the other


When Life Hands You Lemons….

You know how this is going to end, right? It's not what everyone wants to hear when they're going through a tough time. But, life does have a way of throwing you off balance when you least expect it. Call them what you will -- obstacles, road bumps, trials (or my favorite... a pain in … Continue reading When Life Hands You Lemons….

Raising Your Game… When it Counts

The mind can be a dangerous place. It’s either your greatest sanctuary or over-flooding with your darkest fears. We’ve created this habit of punishing ourselves with losses that haven’t even happened. Nerves consume the mind and trap the body. It’s literally a psychological brick wall — stopping us from fulfilling our potential. Oh the nerves, the nerves; … Continue reading Raising Your Game… When it Counts