Twitter Changes: For Better or For Worse?


Over the past few weeks, Twitter has erupted as users have been commenting on rumoured changes. From #Twitter10K to #RIPTwitter, the global community has expressed  how much they love Twitter as it is. They’ve also been incredibly vocal about how these potential changes could damage their user experience.

So, what’s with all of the changes? To people who love the social network, it feels as if they’re trying to fix something that isn’t actually broken. Personally, I don’t think that there is anything wrong with change… providing that it’s well informed and enhances the overall user experience. But, with all of the focus on what hasn’t even happened yet, we’re forgetting about all of the changes that Twitter has nailed.


Auto playing video’s & GIFs

We process visuals 6000x faster than text, so it’s no surprise that content with visuals get 94% more views. With this interactive content running on our timelines, brands saw a 14% increase in video playback. 


Since their launch in October, Twitter polls have become incredibly popular. Twitter quickly responded to user feedback and made some improvements; you can now choose the length of time that they run (between 1 to 3 days) and the amount of options has increased from 2 to 4. They’re a great way to catch snippets of data from your audience and get an insight into their needs. Ask your followers what content they would like to see more of, product feedback and have some fun with them!


Once upon a time, all you could really do is retweet a post that you loved… now, you can quote your favorite tweets with additional insights. Whilst this doesn’t seem like the most dramatic change, it’s realy allowed users to provide people with more reasons to engage with content. By sharing more than just the title of a blog post, you provide followers with enought information to make them click.



Some people love Twitter for its brevity. 140 characters is enough to share your thoughts without over loading people and, it actually forces us to be concise. Should Twitter actually increase the character count to 10K, all of this will change. The first thing to remember is that using the maximium amount of characters would be totally optional. Just as we don’t have to use all 140 characters, you certainly wouldn’t have to use all 10K. It gives people the option of answering questions in one tweet (instead of splitting them into several) and a chance to offer in-depth advice. But, could this clog up out timelines?

Algorithmic Timeline 

As soon as it was announced that Twitter’s timelines might change from a chronological order to an algorithum that pulls up the ‘most relevant’ tweets, there was a global meltdown. People want to see what happens on Twitter in real time and be in control of the content that they’re exposed to. Things got so out of control that CEO Jack Dorsey felt the need to reasure users that this wouldn’t happen:

Twitter has in fact included this feature as an option that you have to opt-into. So luckily, our timelines are safe!

Removal of share counts

The one change that Twitter has already put in place is the removal of share counts. As of January 2016, you could no longer see how many times content has been shared across the platform. This change wasn’t welcomed as many argued that this removed the element of social proof and would impact the number of people that content reaches.


An Edit button 

We all make typos. And it’s really frustrating to notice them when it’s too late! You’ve hit the tweet button and there it is for the world to see. At the moment, the only thing that you can do is go back. delete the tweet and start again from scratch. But imagine how much easier it would be to manage Twitter if you could simply go back and edit a tweet. This also seems to be the one feature that people are actively asking for. Let’s see if we get it!

Photos & Links NOT taking up characters

Photos and links currently take up 23 characters, giving us 117 to make the most of.  Even though that’s a fare amount of characters to use… it wouldn’t hurt to have some more!


What are your thoughts on all of the changes that have happened to Twitter? Mention them in the comments section below!

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