8 Martin Luther King Jr. quotes & how they translate to today’s world

On this day, every year, the world takes a moment to remember one of the greatest leaders in history. But, instead of simply sharing a few of Martin Luther King Jr’s most famous quotes, I want to remind people that you can put his words into action every day.
Whilst society has indeed changed, MLK’s words are still very much relevant in today’s world. Let’s not just refer to his words on wisdom, let’s start to live by them.
pablo (10)REMEMBER: Your strength is not measured by how often you’re knocked down. It is measured by how many times you get back up. Resilience is incredibly powerful.
pablo (11)REMEMBER: Believe in yourself and what you stand for even when the future seems bleak and unpredictable.
pablo (12)REMEMBER: Silence doesn’t bring change. Your voice is powerful and it can make a difference.
 pablo (13)REMEMBER: There’s so much more to life than building your own empire. We must make a conscious effort to take others with us on our journey of growth.
pablo (14)REMEMBER: Injustice does not live in pockets of global communities. It is everywhere and, as long as injustice remains present, everyone may be subject to it. Be the change and fight against it.
REMEMBER:  You can choose to love or hate. Hate is not inherited, it is learned.
pablo (15)REMEMBER: Be the friend that speaks up and says something. Make sure that you’re remembered for the right reason.
pablo (17)
REMEMBER: There is strength in numbers. When we stand together, we grow together and have the capacity to change the world as we know it.

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