When Life Hands You Lemons….


You know how this is going to end, right? It’s not what everyone wants to hear when they’re going through a tough time. But, life does have a way of throwing you off balance when you least expect it. Call them what you will — obstacles, road bumps, trials (or my favorite… a pain in the ass) but they are also an inevitable aspect of life.

Don’t run from them. Run towards them.

Simply because these moments are often the most thought-provoking and empowering. They don’t always appear that way at first (there’s nothing  wrong with having that ‘why me, why now’ moment) but the best way to overcome these situations is often to see the hidden opportunity that lay within them.

Hitting that brick wall? Not too sure where to go next and feeling frustrated? Here are five ways that you can turn life’s lemons into lemonade:

1. Consider it as an Opportunity to Grow

We cannot improve on success alone. Every person has the capacity to do great things, and sometimes we need to hit a wall in order to produce a creative solution. Failure and struggle is not the issue. It’s how we perceive them. If you spend too much time wallowing  then  it becomes far more difficult to dig your way out of the hole.

With every struggle comes an opportunity to become stronger. Give yourself a chance to gain something from it by seeing the potential that you have to develop.

2. Look For a Challenge

I’ll admit that I can be quite competitive — to the point that I don’t even like life’s challenges to defeat me. Instead of focusing on the 101 reasons why this could have been avoided by hindsight (seriously, hindsight is equally as wonderful as it is painful) I channel all of my energy into overcoming it. After all, who wants to be beaten?

Where’s your fight? Don’t just let life happen to you. Go out there and build your own path.

3. Remember That Perfect Doesn’t Exist (and this is a GOOD thing)

We all have an idea of how we want things to plan out. Sometimes they happen exactly as you imagined with is always great! You get a buzz and feel that things are heading in the right direction because you were prepared.

This need to feel prepared is primarily the issue. Simply because we cannot be ready for everything. We need those road bumps to strengthen our character, develop our skills, mind and prepare us for the other difficulties that we will face later on.

Instead of wanting life to be the canvas that you have painted in your mind — ask for the inner strength to tackle the unexpected!

4. The Quality of Your Thoughts Determines the Quality of Your Life

The mind can be a dangerous place. Sometimes, we unintentionally dampen our own spirits by conjuring up nothing but negativity. Again, everything that we encounter is about perception.  While we all have the right to feel frustrated, there’s no need to let this feeling consume us.

You cannot find a solution if you’re too busy looking for everything that isn’t right. The situation doesn’t need to change. Your attitude does.

5. Nothing Lasts Forever

This works in two ways and should be used as a means to appreciate when you are in a good place. But it also means that even the worst of times will eventually come to an end. Life will change periodically — be grateful for what you have while it’s there and, if you happen to hit a rough patch, have faith that you will overcome it.

So, when you do have a rough time, remember that this is all part of being human. All things exist in opposition to one another. You need to understand failure to know success, sadness to appreciate joy and pain to feel comfort.

There’s nothing wrong with being handed lemons — as long as you can turn them into something useful.

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