What Does It Mean to Be a Working Mom?

‘Parenting is rewarding. But so is my career’ – An amazing insight into the reality of being a working mother.


It’s no secret. I am a proud Mom. My tween is on the honor roll. She made the basketball team at a new school. She has this amazing philanthropic spirit. And most days, my daughter can tolerate hanging out with her YouTube-confused, middle-aged Mom.

After her birth, I was prepared for the challenges that lay ahead. Teething. Potty training. Pre-algebra homework. But even in a modern society, I never imagined to be surrounded by road blocks – in and out of work.

We as women continue to battle obstacles most men rarely experience. These hurdles are not limited to the workplace. We have been raised in a culture where men are historically placed in a higher echelon.

However, not all of the blame lays with society. I recently attended an event where two female CEOs spoke about love and children and left the audience with no actionable lessons. They stereotypically walked right into the clichéd “working mom”…

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