The Ultimate Toolkit: 40 Social Media & Marketing Tools to Invest In


Looking for some new additions to your toolkit? Not too sure where to start?

With the amount of social media and marketing tools that are available, it’s difficult to know which ones are worth investing in. Whether you’re looking for visuals, a social media scheduler or something to pull all of your data together, having the right set of tools can definitely help you to manage and reach your goals.

Here’s my ultimate list tools that make marketing life that little bit easier. I hope that they can help you as much as they’ve helped me.

Securing Domain Names

NameVine – The frist thing you’ll want to do is secure your name or brand name across each social channel. NameVine has 10 of the most popular sites to choose from and will immediately tell you whether your domain is available. They also have a neat suggestions section if it’s not.

Namechk This offers exactly the same service, except that you have many more social networks to choose from. Great for medium size businesses that may be active on several social media channels.

Social Media Scheduling & Listening

Buffer – scheduling made easy.  Use Buffer to create posts and curate content to distribute across your social media channels. Not only can you see the analytics for each individual post, Buffer now allows you to upload videos and GIFs. They have an awesome mobile app and a few neat integrations with other programs, such as Feedly.

Bulk Buffer – For all of those who do use Buffer, this is an amazing tool that will make your life even easier. You can send multiple updates to your Buffer account by uploading a text or CSV file. With this, you can manage days or even weeks of content all in one go.


IFTTT recipes that you can use to automate across social channels.

IFTTT – Use this tool to put the internet to work for you. Create recipes that will trigger an automated reaction from one account to the next. For example, if you’ve saved something onto Pocket, this can be posted to Twitter. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from that can help to streamline your social presence.

EveryPost – This is one fo the few tools that can connect to pretty much every major social network there is. If you have a business that has several mainstream social accounts, this may be the app for you.

HootSuite – A multi-purpose social media management tool that can be used for listening as well as scheduling. Use keywords and hashtags to listen out for the latest industry news or trends. You can also organise the dashboard in order to view several streams at once. A perfect tool if you like jumping into Twitter chats!

Mention – If you’re looking for something to manage your reputation, this is a great place to start. With Mention, you’ll receive alerts whenever your brand, company or person of interest is mentioned on the internet.

Quora – this forum can be put to great use. Quora allows people to post any question related to a number of topics and industries. If you need to find a great headline this is the place to be, or listen out for and issues that your audience would like to have resolved.

specific social media channels

Tailwind – A Pinterest specific tool that helps you to schedule posts and monitor the engagement that each pin has received. You can maximise your schedule by pinning when your audience is most active and bulk upload!

SocialBro – Everything that you need for Twitter is right here. From the best time to tweet report to a map of where your audience is scattered across the globe, this neat little tool will help you get a great insight into your audience. You can get community information, data on each post and much more.

TweetDeck –  Another Twitter-specific tool that allows you to split your account into streams and see exactly what is going on. Great to use during Twitter chats! You can be a part of the conversation and see what everyone is saying at the same time.

Tagboard collection

Tagboard collection

TagBoard – If your business has a brand hashtag then Tagboard is definitely worth testing. With this, you can see everything that is related to a specific hashtag and curate content to share with your followers. Tagboard pulls content from Twitter, Instagram. Facebook, Google+, Vine & Flikr. You can also embed all of this and have a branded board with a premium account.

Content Curation Newsletter Newsletter – Have this tool do all of the searching for you. automatically finds content on any subject from several social media and online resources. It is then presented in a great newsletter format that is pretty easy to navigate. You can customise your paper and distribute it across several channels either daily or weekly.

Rebelmouse – If you’re looking for a great way to create and embed a content hub to your website, this is it. Rebelmouse sources content from several social media accounts (including hashtag searches & lists from Twitter) and compiles it into one place. You can even add your own notes to each piece. Anyone can sign up to your daily newsletter and, even better, you can filter through all of the content that’s sourced. I’ve featured mine on my own website, check it out here!

Kifi – A community-based content hub that allows you to store all of your latest finds into libraries. The greatest thing about this is that you can follow people’s libraries, add connections and receive recommendations based on your current selection.

Pocket – my number one tool to use when you don’t have time to read an article straight away.  A lot of social networks move pretty quickly (especially Twitter) so having an app to store all of those great pieces of content is a must.

Meddle – Another community-based content sharing platform that allows you to create a snapshot of the pieces that you’ve found and leave a comment. Connect with the other community members and share pieces from their library. This is a great chance to reach out and connect with other people in your industry.

Nuzzle – Discover what your friends are sharing on twitter and Facebook. You get a chance to see what your online community is interested in and the type of content that they need. This takes the element of searching out of the equation for you and provides you with some great insight.



Feedly Ever wish you could have all of your favorite blogs in one place? Well, now you can. Feedly complies all of the RSS feeds into one place and allows you to split them into categories. You’ll never miss another great article and you can share them all!

RightRelevance – Here, you can find some amazing pieces of content that are related to your industry. You can also track and measure your own online influence within the social community.

Dig Deeper – Connect Digg to your Twitter account and you’ll receive an email update with all of the most shared stories from your friends online. Another simple tool that means you don’t have to do all of the searching.


SumAll – I don’t think that there is a network that SumAll doesn’t connect with! The best thing about this platform is that it creates a central point for all of your data. You have the option of receiving a daily and weekly report. SumAll has a very simple dashboard that is no-nonsense so that even those who hate numbers (like me) can understand what’s going on!

Twitter analytics Snapshot

Twitter analytics Snapshot

Twitter Analytics – Keep track of everything that’s going on with your Twitter account with their very own analytics dashboard. You can see a monthly breakdown of how much engagement you’ve received from every post, the amount of followers you’ve gained as well as how many tweets have linked back to you. This is data made very simple.

BitlyIf you’d like to track the links that you’re sharing on social, Bitly is the tool for you. Customize links and distribute them across social or even save them to your profiles. You can see exactly how many clicks and shares they’ve received.

Like Explorer – Copy any link into this search engine and you can see not only what social channels it has been shared to but how many times. You can even add links in bulk!

Quill – Sometimes there’s a lot of data to sift through on Google Analytics. Instead of sitting there trying to dig deep into the realm of numbers, why not connect your account to Quill. This will send you a weekly and monthly breakdown of all of your data to make some well-informed decisions.

GA Visually Report

GA Visually Report

Visually – Another great tool to connect to your Google Analytics account, Visually presents all of your data into an amazing infographic. You can process information 6000x faster when it’s presented in a visual, so why not try this and see if you can get more from those numbers.

Klear – With Klear you can get a solid picture of your social media presence and influence. Connect to either your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram accounts and then wait for Klear to produce a report. Understand what you’re known for and start to work on your online reputation.

visual content

Canva – My go to place to create my own visuals. With their custom templates, you can create anything from a Twitter header to an Infographic. There’s a huge stock photography library to choose from, a great selection of fonts and the ability to upload your own images. Canva is easy to use for everyone, including the beginners!

Pablo – If you need to create an image really quickly, Pablo is a great tool to use. You can easily add text and upload your own photos. Everything you need to create an image in 30 seconds.

Infogram Infographics aren’t the easiest of visuals to create! What you need is a tool that makes it as simple and painless as possible. Infogram does just that. Just choose a template, input your data and share with the world!

Quote from Recite

Quote from Recite

Recite – Quotes have become more and more popular online. If you want those words to have some more impact, why not turn it into an image? That gives you a chance to create a quote with a bang. – GIFs are pretty popular and easy to find these days. Instead of sharing what everyone else already has, you can create your own unique GIF. You can either upload your own videos, use your webcam or upload photographs. Have fun making something that no-one else has!

FindaPhoto, StockUp, Pexels & Negative Space – These are all stock photography websites that you can use to find stunning images for absolutely free. They’re all incredible quality and definitely worth bookmarking.

Other Great finds

Grammarly – Grammar is incredibly important if you’re always posting content online. However, it isn’t everyone’s strong point. Grammarly is amazing as it is active when you’re online and pulls up all of your errors. It also breaks down what’s wrong so that you can learn along the way!

Little Pork Chop

Little Pork Chop – I can’t be the only one who is always going over that 140 character limit? Sometimes it’s hard to condense your message. Try using this tool and it’ll do all the work for you, cutting your message into a stream to post to your followers.

Click to Tweet –  If you want to get people to engage with your blog posts then try using this. There are always some great sentences in every post, so find them & highlight them to your readers. Make it easy for them to find those golden bits of knowledge.

KeyHole – track any hashtag in real time to see exactly what people are saying. You can see who the tops posts came from, the number of shares, who the most influential people are within the social circle and much, much more. This is great if you’re monitoring a campaign!

MindMeister – a mind mapping tool that allows you to create a diagram a brainstorm of your ideas. You can add images, videos and links to refer back to later. This can be shared with your colleagues and access your notes from every device!

Over to you! What tools do you have stored away? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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