10 Things Every 20 Something Year-Old is Thinking

deep thoughts

How many of you wonder if you’re the only person that thinks too much? Or, worries too much? I know that I have. Even though I’m trying to enjoy the present, my mind does keep fast forwarding to the future.

Our twenties are an amazing transitional period of our life that is usually spent trying to figure a lot of shit out. As much as this is a time to enjoy ourselves it’s also a great time to set ourselves up. There’s a part of me that just doesn’t want it to go to waste!

But, I’ve suddenly realised that…

I’m not alone.

It’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive and uncertain about the future. I just don’t believe in being consumed by it. Instead of spending all of my time in my own head, I decided to put it on paper (or in this case on the internet). Sometimes, it just helps to process my ideas and stop worrying so much! So, here are the things that keep running through my mind as a 20 something-year-old:

  1. Am I doing enough?
  2. Will I be able to achieve everything that I’m striving for?
  3. Is it OK to fall flat on my face?
  4. Can I achieve a work & life balance?
  5. Am I really making the most of everything that life has to offer & embracing the moment?
  6. Shouldn’t I be travelling more????
  7. Will I ever meet someone that can bring value to my life? Will I have kids?
  8. Can I really make a difference?
  9. Am I good enough?
  10. What will I do if things don’t go as planned?

Having written all of this down, I’ve also realised that there’s only one thing you can do: try your best. As long as you’re actually putting energy into making progress, then the fruits of your labour will eventually show. Worrying, over-thinking & stressing won’t help you get there any faster!

So, to all of my fellow twenty-year-olds, I suggest that we begin to turn these worries into positives. Let’s do something today, that we’ll be proud of tomorrow.

Challenge yourself & appreciate the progress that you’ve made.

Embrace the moment.

Live now.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.

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