15 Free Twitter Tools You Need to Try

Have you ever stumbled across something that’s made you super productive? So much so, that you feel like doing the Carlton dance from Fresh Prince? That’s literally how I feel every time I find a new set of social media tools…

Out of all of the social networks, Twitter is one of the most dynamic. There’s plenty of opportunities to learn, create new relationships with people, be entertained & find awesome content. With so much going on, it’s also great to have a few tools to help you along the way.

I’ve been searching for some new tools to improve my experience on Twitter and here are my top finds. I hope that you find them as useful as I have!

Twitonomy – This awesome little tool gives you a great amount of data on any Twitter account (your own included). You can see how much engagement each tweet gets, influential users, those you’re most active with and much more. You can get some great insights into your followers & those that you’re following.

SumAll – Don’t you just love it when data is made simple, visual & easy to digest? SumAll is the just, that tool. Connect a range of accounts (from Twitter to Instagram & WordPress) and everyday you’ll receive an email with a break down of your latest stats. No headache, no mass of numbers & pure bliss.


Klear – Once known as Twtrland, Klear connects to your Twitter account and provides a detailed break down of your online presence. Find out your areas of expertise, measure your engagement and get an overview of audience demographics.

Nuzzle – If you’re finding it difficult to collect content that resonates with your audience, try Nuzzle. Find the articles that are being shared amongst your online community & see what the latest trends are.

Unfollowers – Giving you an in depth account of who is following & unfollowing you on Twitter. This neat app also allows you to see who you have mutual follow back from, your fans & those who aren’t following back.


Tagbord – Hashtag related content searching! Tagboard will curate all of the images, tweets & content for you. Again, content curation made very simple & accessible.

Canva – Creating stunning visuals for all of your social media channels is easy with Canva’s simple & easy to navigate templates. Upload your own images and start making those images to draw people in! For anyone who is hosting a Twitter chat – if you have any super long questions over 140 characters, try turning it into an image instead.

Mention – Awesome listening tool that updates you every time your brand, key word or person is mentioned online. This stretches beyond Twitter & measures your mentions across the entire web.

TweetDeck – This tool is my saving grace when I’m engaging with multiple people on Twitter at the same time. Create streams that enable you to keep track of everything from your notifictions and hashtags to your inbox. Organising all things Twitter, for you!


Like Explorer – Ever wanted to know how many times a piece of content has actually been shared? Now you can by copying & pasting the URL into this search tool (This is quickly becoming one of my favorites).

Save Publishing – Sometimes, I find it difficult to find the perfect quote from an article. Save Publishing solves this problem by finding any tweetable sentence. Just install the bookmark & let it find your perfect quote.

Click to tweet – Make it easy for your readers to find tweetable sentences by installing this app. A great way to get readers to engage with your content too.

Little Pork Chop I always go over 140 characters and spend time racking my brain over what words to lose. Now, pork chop does the work for me. Simply write your message and wait for the magic to happen as it turns your message into Twitter-bites & posts them.

Storify – If you need to collect a selection of tweets and present them, why not create a Storify that can be shared & embeded anywhere.

Scoop.it – Another content curation tool, Scoop.it gathers articles based on key word searches. You can share what you’ve found across other social media channels so that your online community benefits.

That’s pretty much every tool I use to manage Twitter – all of them make managing this network, that much easier. If there are any tools that you think I’ve missed out, please mention them in the comments section below!

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