5 Reasons You Should Be Using Twitter Chats

Twitter Chats

Twitter can be an amazing resource for any individual, or business.

There’s a constant stream of conversation and information for you to tap into and the development of Twitter chats has made this even more accessible. There are so many ways that businesses and individuals can benefit from these online Q&A sessions – here are my top 5 reasons that people should take advantage of Twitter chats:

1. Connect With New People & Develop Genuine Relationships


Twitter is the ultimate social media networking opportunity. If Twitter is the cocktail party then a Twitter chats are the pockets of conversations happening with people at the party. You have a chance to meet new people, (regardless of their geographical location), get industry knowledge and build a deeper relationship with groups of people by engaging with them & their interests.

For any one who is considering hosting their own Twitter chat, consider this as an opportunity to get to know your customers/community even better. Choose a topic that resonates with the people and ask questions that can stimulate helpful answers. Not only are you providing the community with valuable information (for free) you’re also gaining an insight into their needs and aspirations.

2. Elevate Your Brand’s Authority

During Twitter chats, you’re not just gaining useful tips & insights from others. It’s also an opportunity to show case your expertise. By providing your community with value an multiple occasions, you become a reliable & credible source of information.

In turn, you may even be asked to co-host or be a guest. Once you’ve begun to actively participate in Twitter chats and become well aquainted with the hosts, that may open the door to many other opportunities, such as collaboration, interviews & even guest blogging.

3. Source of Relevant Content

content creation

Twitter chats tend to focus on industry trends or topics that particularly interest the community at hand. With that being said, they are an incredibly valuable source of content.

Finding it difficult to come up with a topic for your blog? Check out some of the Twitter chat discussions and create your own summary. This community generated content can be incredibly favorable as you’ve condensed an hour worth of information, that could have been hundreds of tweets, into a simple & easy to digest format.

Let’s remember that variation is key with content. You don’t just have to create a blog post. Why not use storify? Or, if your community is full of people that really enjoy visuals, create a SlideShare presentation? If you stumble across tweets that you think may resonate with the audience, embed them within you posts and mention the users on Twitter. They’ll feel valuable and appreciate that you’ve taken the time to include them.

If you’re a fan of a particular Twitter chat then why not embed a stream by using their hashtag? For example, below is a stream from Paper.Li’s #BizHeroe’s chat.


All you need to do is search for the relevant chat hashtag on Twitter, go to ‘More Options’ on the menu bar and select ’embed this search’. This is like a form of content curation and all of the tweets from this chat can constantly be referred back to.


4. Listen. Learn. Repeat (Always)

Whilst most people use Twitter chats as a chance to participate in a community conversation, I don’t think that enough of us use it as a listening tool. For a business, this is the perfect chance to find faults, fix them and present you consumers with a brand new, improved, product or service that resolves their issue.

Everyone loves knowing that their voice is powerful and can be heard. Presenting yourself as a brand that listens is key to getting new customers and maintaining loyalty with those who are already fans.

For those of you that would like to gain a greater insight into your industry, Twitter chats are one of the best free learning tools that you’ll ever stumble across. There is boundless opportunity to connect with people who have more experience than you do and learn from them. Take it.

For me, there are two constants within business and branding. Change (it is enevitable) and listening. Make sure that you’re prepared for both!

5. Build Your Community & Following

online community

The more that you participate in Twitter chats, the better it is for both yourself & the community. Both gain more exposure and encourage others to:1) Participate by sharing their knowledge and 2) Follow you, should they find your tips helpful!

It’s a win:win situation!

If you’re eager to jump into some of the conversations, take a look at my Twitter Chat Calendar. You can import this into your Google calendar and keep track of all of the buzzing online communities waiting for your input.

I hope that this has been helpful, if you have any other tips feel free to mention them in the comments section below. Happy tweeting!

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