3 Awesome Apps For Freelance Designers & Creatives


In this day and age, it’s rarely enough to simply tell people what you do. Employers don’t want a bland resume with a list of previous job titles and academic achievements. They want to see exactly how creative you are, what knowledge you have & how you’re contributing the the industry. While I think that platforms like Linkedin have demonstrated the benefits of creating a dynamic and interactive resume; there are now a few websites that are 100% geared towards Freelancers showcasing their talent.

If you’re working in a creative industry (such as web design, marketing, illustration ect.) these sites could be a great way to get your work seen by the right people at the right time. Here are my latest discoveries:



Carbonmade is an amazing website filled with talented creatives and examples of their work. From Copywriters to textile designers, you will find an array of freelancers posting their work & developing their online footprint. You’re provided with a neat ‘About Me’ section, giving potential employers an insight into your personality as well as your work.

The upside to this website is that you can upload images of your latest projects or designs and get inspiration from the others. By listing you specialities (illustration, web design ect.) you can also connect with those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

BONUS: You can state whether or not you’re currently available for hire. That way, if you have several projects running at the same time, you’re not constantly bombarded with requests. There’s also the option to upload your resume – just in case people would like to see your work history.

Price: Ranges from free – $24/month



I was actually introduced to MosaicHub through one of my Linkedin connections. What I love about this platform is that it offers users an opportunity to really show their expertise by answering people’s questions. MosaicHub offers you an opportunity to create a profile similar to Linkedin (current work place, industry, biography). However, you can also connect other social media platforms like Twitter & Pinterest to enhance the visual appearance.

Whilst your profile gives people an idea of your expertise, the best aspect of MosaicHub is actually it’s online community. When you login, you have three options: to learn new business skills, engage with the community or find an expert.

Should you choose to engage with the community, you can join in online conversations and help others to solve their business problems. Not only are you offering your expertise for free, you’re also showing the world exactly how much you know.

BONUS: Add your website and other social profiles so that professionals can see your work & connect with you.

Price: Free



Dribbble is a great community full of designers who are sharing & commenting on each others work. Web designers, illustrators, icon artists, logo designers, and other creatives share small screenshots that show their work and projects. You can show, promote and explore design – with this incredibly neat and easy to navigate site.

BONUS: There are also vacancies advertised on Dribbble so you can find work according to your location or skill set.

Price: Free, but you can only upload work onto Dribbble if you’re invited by a current user.

I hope that you’ve all found these websites useful, please feel free to add any more suggestions to the comment section below!

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