5 Tools To Measure Your Influence Across Social Media


Social media is incredibly powerful, especially when you have a great set of tools to help you along the way! You can connect with people who are on opposite ends of the world, engage with industry leaders and create your very own online footprint.

One of the many things that is difficult to measure, is your own influence. Being able to see your reach, clicks and retweets is a great start, but how much weight does your opinion hold within your online community? Knowing this is a great way of measuring your progress & can help you to make those all important improvements so that you attract the right people.

Here are a list of great tools to help you measure your influence across social media.

1. Klout


Klout is an amazing multi-functional platform that allows you to connect profiles from numerous social media sites. Connect your Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook & WordPress blog to Klout and it will generate a score that represents your overall social influence. You’ll be given a number between 1-100; the average user scores about 40, and anyone with a score above 63 is in the top 5% of all social users.

Not only does Klout give you an influence indicator, it also offers a selection of tools to help you raise it. Choose a range of topics that fall under you expertise and Klout will generate content from all over the web that you can share. You’re also given the option to follow selected people within any topic that you have selected.

BONUS: Other Klout users can give you recommendations with +K’s. If you’re constantly providing your online community with valuable insights then they will promote you!

Price: Free

2. TwtrLand


Another multi-functional platform, Twtrland provides you with detailed analysis about your social media presence. At the moment you can connect Twitter, Facebook & Instagram pages with this tool – but there are plans to add Google+, Tumblr & Linkedin. Unlike Klout, Twtrland doesn’t generate a score, but gives you an indication of your influence with a percentage. For example, it will say that you’re amongst the top 10% of social media users.

You will receive a breakdown of your activity, popularity & responsiveness across the social sphere. I do love the demographics break down as this tells you the gender composition of your followers as well as age range.

Twtrland also lists the top influencers within your industries, gives you the option to connect with them and states how friendly/responsive they usually are to other users. While Klout also provides content for you to share, Twtrland displays top content that is trending within topics.

BONUS: The weekly progress report shows: audience activity (increase in followers/likes), amount of posts and engagements (retweets, replies & likes) in comparison to your previous week. This gives you an opportunity to focus on the areas that need work & make next week even better!

Price: Personal – Free
Business: $99 – $299/month

3. Kred


Kred is a tool that can be connected to your Twitter or Facebook account and scores your influence, from 0-1000, on individual topics. The other aspect of your Kred score is your outreach level, which is marked between 1 to 12. Your influence increases as people mention, rewteet and reply to you, whilst your outrreach increases as you mention, retweet or reply to others. I consider this as quite a balanced form of measurement as it conveys whether your content is being shared as well as how willing you are to share the opinions & content of others.

Kred also gives you a list of your top communities, 24 hour statement activity, who has recently mentioned you and lists the tweets that have gained the most engagement during that month. Similarly to Klout, you can give and recieve points (+Kred) based on your interaction with users on Twitter. Had a great conversation with someone during a Twitter chat? Why not let them know that you recognise their efforts? Equally, should you stand out from the crowd, people are able to contribute to your Kred score.

BONUS: Kred produces leader boards; users will be associated with hashtags that relate to their industry and their visibility is increased across the Kred community.

Price: Free

4. Right Relevance


Initially, I considered Right Relevance as a fantastic tool to curate content and find industry influencers. However, they have recently rolled out a new feature that allows you to see your own influence, that of your followers & those you’re following.

With the category breakdown, Right Relevance provides you with a score (per topic) between 0-100. Not only does this tell you what communities you hold the most influence within, it also establishes where your weaknesses may lay & gives you a marker for improvement. There’s also ‘recommendations’ list, which suggests influencers that you could follow within each topic.

BONUS: Right Relevance will provide you with content to share within your social sphere. Share content that will be appreciated by your followers and increase your own influence.

Price: Free

5. Twitonomy


Another Twitter specific platform, Twitonomy provides you with a detailed breakdown of exactly how much you’re engaging with your followers. Twitonomy will tell you the proportion of your tweets that have been retweeted & favorited by users. The higher the percentage, the most you are considered as a valuable source of information by your online community!

The great thing about Twitonomy is that it shows you who you have been speaking to most regularly. This will give you an indication of the communities and people that you hold the most influence within.

BONUS: Measure how much you interact with others on Twitonomy – this tool will tell you how many of your tweets (by percentage) are replies or retweets. Remember that you need to be engaging with people as well as pushing your own content. Sharing is a huge part of developing any online community!

Price: Basic – Free
Premium – $20/month

I hope that these tools will be as useful to you as they have been to me! Please feel free to make any suggestions in the comments section below.

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