Ad of The Week: Kids Read Mean Tweets

All jokes are, to some extent, made at someone else’s expense. However, they should never be made to purposefully hurt another. People often forget that there is indeed a fine line between joking and bullying. A line that this advert demonstrates beautifully. I love that this ad does two key things: 1) As the majority of teens are active on social media, this shines a light on the ugly & unspoken of side to social networks. 2) For anyone who is actually the antagonist & chooses to bully people, it clearly portrays the difference between poking fun & causing someone incredible pain.

No-one likes to hear, or read, nasty comments online. Whether you’re a customer making a complaint, a child that doesn’t like their teacher or even a teenager who dislikes a student, take a moment to think about the person you’re talking about. Then wonder if you’re two minutes of giggles are worth the days, weeks, months or even years of pain your comment may cause. Words can be more devastating than you think, and what’s worse? When those words are plastered all over social for the world to see, share and laugh too.

Think before you post.

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