Social Media 101: 8 Unique Places To Find Amazing Content


I’m constantly looking for great, new, ways to find content worth sharing! This week I’ve managed to find 8 brilliant sources that, often, generate content specifically for you. Whether you’re looking for industry specific articles or even engaging visuals, with these tools, you won’t have to look far as the content will be delivered straight to you!

1. Topsy – Search & Analyse The Social Web


There is, quite literally, nothing that cannot be found with this search engine! With Topsy you can create content specific searches (links, tweets, photos, videos) in order to find what is most relevant & shareable for you. Thus, giving you an opportunity to share a diverse range of content.

Sign in with Twitter or Facebook & you can favorite, retweet or reply to anything that you’ve found. Not only is this a great way to find content that has been shared by others, it’s also a fantastic way to connect with people who share your interests. Topsy also offers a social analytics & social trending tool – with these you can compare specific key words and see how much content is being produced in relation to them.

BONUS: Topsy will list key influencers in your industry; find relevant people, share content that varies from articles to images & videos. You can’t ask for much more.

2. Daily Digg – See Your Followers Most Shared Stories


Available for iOS, Android & Desktop – The Daily Digg is quite a nifty app if you’re constantly on the move. It provides you with the most talked about stories on the internet. You no longer have to search for what’s trending – it’s sent directly to you!

BONUS: Their latest feature – Digg Deeper – allows you to sign in with Twitter. It will then list the most shared stories from your followers. Not only are you able to gain an insight into what your followers need & find most interesting, you can also make sure that you’re keeping up with the ever-changing trends.

3. SlideShare – Digestible & Visually Engaging Content


Whilst there are quite a few places to find articles & stories, discovering visuals can be tricky. Furthermore, finding visual content that can be used as a teaching tool is hard to come by. The solution to this problem? SlideShare – a tool that enables you to share and save presentations, infographics & other professional content. It’s fantastic for learning; by connecting with others, who have industry specific knowledge to share, you can work on your weaknesses. Equally, you can create & upload your own content to share and help others.

BONUS: With SlideShare you can save all of the presentations that are valuable to you! So don’t worry about loosing any of your new learning tools. There is also a mobile app in case you need some inspiration while your on the move.

4. SmartBrief – Relevant & Summarised Articles


SmartBrief is a fantastic tool that is constantly finding relevant, new, industry specific news. Not only will it sift through all of the latest articles for you, SmartBrief condenses them into easily digested summaries. You don’t have to read an entire blog post to make sure that it’s relevant because SmartBrief has already done that for you. With the 12 selected articles, that will be sent to you daily, I guarantee that you will find several hidden gems in there.

BONUS: Don’t you just love mobile apps? SmartBrief has one of their own, giving you the opportunity to schedule & publish those stories as soon as they come in.

5. Klout – Where Content Comes To You


Klout is a great multi-functional tool that measures your impact across social media channels. When signing-up, you’re asked to select a list of topics & interests (and can choose a maximum of 18). Klout then searches for content based on your interests – but the brilliant thing about this tool? You’re told how long ago the article was published, whether it is ‘on the rise’ (i.e. a topic of interest) & you can schedule when you would like the articles to be published. Content searching made simple & reliable.

BONUS: Klout also finds industry leaders for you to follow based on your topics. Not only are you sharing the right content but you’re also following the right people who will provide you with valuable industry insights.

6. Right Relevance – The Ultimate Search Engine

right reevnce

I stumbled across Right Relevance last week and it has been a blessing ever since! It should be every content marketers Google. Similarly to Klout, Right Relevance finds content based on your interests. However, you can store these articles in your dashboard and publish them at a later stage. This useful tool can also be used within Hootsuite – which is a perfect way of combining the content search with a scheduler.

BONUS: Right Relevance also provides you with insights based on who you’re following. It will list the most influential users, what they’ve published as well as giving you a list of similar individuals to follow. Content, scheduling & industry leaders delivered to you. You can’t ask for much more!

7. SideBar – Get 5 Great Articles A Day 


This is content searching made simple, easy and not over-bearing. SideBar lists the five best links, related to design, daily. You can look for content that has already been shared previously – if you don’t want to constantly be checking their website you can have an email sent straight to you with the latest links. Perfect.

8. Prismatic – Topic Learning


Want more than industry related news? Want to learn something new whilst preparing for that conference? Try Prismatic. This searches for content that is related to your wider interests. Upon registration, select the topics that you’re most interested in and wait for the magic to happen. Even better, Prismatic can be used on the web or downloaded onto your iOS & Android devices. Learn while you’re on the move.

If you have any more suggestions, please feel free to mention them!

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