Two Awesome Tools For Content Marketers

I’m always looking for ways to find great content and create stunning images. This week I’ve stumbled across two tools that do just that! These are two serious time savers that could be a valuable addition to your social media tool collection. I hope that you all find them as useful as I have!

Right Relevance – Searching Made Easy


This is a bit of a hidden gem. Founded in 2013, Right Relevance is like the Google of social media searching! It is a quick & easy way to find content, and individuals, who are relevant to your specific fields. This search engine finds – and ranks – topical influencers, articles and even conversations related to your key words. You have the option of signing in with Facebook or Twitter, and at this stage you can create a topics list, save articles, and have insights calculated based on your followers.

right reevnce

Even better: When you’re searching for influencers, Right Relevance tells you whether you’re currently following these indivduals. You can also see the articles that each influencer has published, the conversations that they’ve had and other relevant followers! What more could you ask for?

Pablo – Create an Image in 30 Seconds


Not all images require hours of work and editing, sometimes you simply need to make it more engaging. Introducing the solution to this problem, Pablo – from Buffer – your simple image editor.

With Pablo you can upload your own images or use those already provided by Buffer. Blur or change the image to Black/White, add text and change the font, increase text size and then share via your social media network. Image editing made simple, easy & time efficient!

 If you can think of any other useful tools please feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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