Kifi – Amazing New App For Content Creatives!


I’m always looking for new ways to find interesting content – it’s great to share the advice of others as well as my own! I recently stumbled across Kifi – an amazing multi-functional app that allows you to find, save and share articles.

Personalised Content Searches


The greatest thing about it? All of the content comes straight to you. Kifi makes personalised recommendations based on your searches, bookmarks and saved links. Create your own personal libraries with content that you can either share or keep private. Follow other people who share content that interests you!

Connect with Multiple Platforms

Kifi can be used on desktop computers, Android & iOS – so no one should be missing out! But what makes this app a force to be reckoned with? You can download your bookmarks, import links from other sites (Pocket, Delicious, Kippt, Instapaper & Pinboard) as well as connecting to social media channels (Linkedin, Twitter & Facebook). Thus enabling the personalised searches to be as accurate as possible and provide you with relevant content that you WANT to see!

Search Engine Optimilzation


Whenever you use a search engine Kifi will bring any relevant articles that you have saved to the top of your search. Even better – it also uses key words to bring relevant articles that have been saved by people you follow.

Connect With People & Share Your Knowledge


Other than being able to connect with friends, Kifi enables you to follow individuals who have similar interests to your own. You can build your own libraries of knowledge to share with your community. Share your own content, share others and build a following with those who want to learn as much as you do!


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