Social Media 101: Hashtag Tracking Tools

Tag your photos

Are you using several hashtags across your social media channels?
Not sure whether they’re generating that much attention?
With the right tools you can optimize the use of hashtags throughout your social media campaigns. Here are a few tool that, I think, could be useful.

Rite Tag: Finding the Ideal Hashtag For Your Campaign


With its grading system, RiteTag indicates whether your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ hashtags are actually ideal for your campaign. By analysing your posts, Rite Tag displays whether the hashtags that you’re using have a high/good/low chance of being discovered. Once you’ve discovered which tags can generate the most attention you can create a library of hashtags to use.

BONUS: RiteTag also has an extension that you can add to your web browser. With this you can schedule updates with your optimized hashtags.

Tagboard: See Every Social Conversation


By gathering text, videos and image posts, Tagboard gives you an overall picture of what’s being said and the attention that a hashtag is gathering.

BONUS: Tagboard will gather relevant information from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Vine.

Talkwalker: Analyse Your Campaigns


Talkwalker can do far more than just track hashtag usage. This tool gives you very specific data such as gender distribution and geographic location on your own hashtags, as well as your competitors’. This data can then be filtered, sorted, analysed and charted.

BONUS: Information can be exported into Excel, PowerPoint and Word so results can be managed and presented in a familiar format.

Bundle: Relevant, Automatically Generated Tags


This great content management system allows you to, organize, schedule and post content for campaigns.

The great thing about Bundle Post is that it can identify popular keywords in your content and automatically replace them with hashtags. Once you’ve type these keywords into the Bundle Feed, it finds relevant content for you!

BONUS: Bundle is compatible with HootSuite, HubSpot, Buffer and other systems.

Have I missed a tool that you usually use? Feel free to post suggestions in the comment section. I hope that you’ll find these tools as helpful as I have!


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