4 ways your company benefits from giving back

Great article – invest in your people and build a community!


This post is in partnership with Entrepreneur. The article below was originally published at Entrepreneur.com.

By Coppy Holzman, Entrepreneur

Modern society gives some great rewards to entrepreneurs who find what people need and want, and provide it. This exchange is a huge part to the free market philosophy that has led to much prosperity (although unfortunately not for everyone). Successful business people are well rewarded for their ability to provide what society wants. Sometimes these people make for good philanthropists, even if many are still stingy with their wealth.

Charitable acts are performed without the expectation of direct financial gain, but they certainly are not without their own rewards. Here are four of the major ways that successful business people, and even you, can benefit by giving to charitable causes.

1. Building respect and a good reputation in the community.

A company’s leaders can identify needs…

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