10 Amazing Apps to Help Boost Your Productivity & Creativity

There are always so many things to do and not enough time to get them all done. Work is getting busier, deadlines are looming and you need some solutions to keep you sane. We’ve all been there! Instead of climbing the walls and tearing out your hair… allow technology to give you a helping hand.

While I don’t believe in relying on my mobile phone and/or tablet for everything, when you constantly have things to do there are some apps that can save you a great deal of time and stress. Here’s a list of apps that I use on a daily basis and they’ve all helped me – so why not try a few?


This has to be one of my personal favorites. It’s so difficult to follow the news – especially whilst your at work or running errands. Twitter can be handy, but with 101 tweets appearing on your timeline every minute, finding the news stories that you’re interested in is near impossible. That’s where Circa comes in.

Circa is the ultimate news app – accurate and condensed. The best thing about it? You can follow news stories of your choice and be updated as the stories develop. In my opinion this is news as it should be and you’re totally in control of what stories you’re exposed to.

Don’t you just love it when an app actually resolves an issue that you’re constantly having?! Have you ever been scrolling through twitter to find an amazing article that you just don’t have the time to read? You add it to your favorites and totally forget about it or bookmark it on your phone (only to never look at it again). By the end of the day that’s 8 articles you’ve missed out on & nothing interesting to keep you preoccupied on that train journey home. But now this can all be amended with Pocket.

Pocket is the greatest tool for saving articles for a convenient time. You can save them from a number of apps and even your mobile’s web browser. You can separate them into categories by using tags and share them with friends. I don’t know who came up with this brilliant idea, but I would personally thank them if I could!


I think I can speak for everyone when I say that keeping your contacts list updated can often be a struggle. A close friend has a new job and subsequently a new email address or a colleague has changed their number. You could literally spend hours filtering through these lists but now you don’t have to because Brewster will do this all for you.

Brewster is the ultimate contacts management app – it merges the lists from your social media accounts (such as Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+) with the numbers stored on your phone. So when someone changes their information it is automatically updated.

So you’re on your way to work and you have no idea when the next train or bus is due. The idea of waiting for 15 minutes without knowing when the next bus is due is certainly not appealing, especially in this Arctic breeze. Instead of scrolling through the National Rail or TFL bus app why not just use Transit.

The beauty of this app is the simplicity of it. By using GPS it finds your current location and provides you with the buses, trains, trams and tubes that are due to arrive in your surrounding area. You literally don’t have to do a thing other than open up the app. And trust me, if you’re running late, this can be a life saver!

social media

Managing social media can be tricky and time consuming. When managing several social accounts it’s difficult to know where to start. What content needs to be shared? What networks are most suitable? What time is best for my target audience?

The great thing about Hootsuite is that it can gather all of your information in one place. You can split the dashboard up accordingly (whether this be by networks or campaigns). You can see what people are saying about your company/produce/campaign too. The social media calendar enables you to create scheduled posts so, if you’re ill or away from the office, content can still reach your followers. Finally there are analytics reports so that you can monitor your performance. With its simple interface you’ll have no trouble with getting started!

Here we have another great social media management tool. What separates Klout from others, however, is that it measures your impact and provides you with great content to share. You can also see where your greatest impact is coming from. For example, if 70% of your social influence comes from Twitter, 20% from LinkedIn and 10% from Facebook, you can now spend time working on the areas that need to be enhanced.

In my opinion, the greatest thing about Klout is that it provides you with a vast amount of content to share that is linked with your business/personal interests. This can then be scheduled or automatically posted to the social networks of your choice. Who said social media had to be stressful with an app like this?


There is always something that you need to do that you may not have the time to do. Going to the dry cleaners can be one of those things. You’re digging through your wardrobe to find the perfect suit for that meeting in a couple of days only to realise that… oh wait… it’s in the laundry basket. And that feeling really does suck. Now – by no means will a dress or a suit close that business deal, but looking and feeling your best can dramatically affect your confidence & performance. So instead of trying an alternative outfit, get it seen to quickly.

Laundrapp provides a dry cleaning service that collects and drops off your clothes. Now the beauty of if is that you know exactly what you’re paying for.The app lists the cost of each individual item (e.g. a 2 piece suit costs £11 and scarfs cost £5) and you tap on these options to add them to your shopping cart. Have three suits to wash? Tap three times and there you go. Set a pick-up and delivery time that suits you (no pun intended). One task ticked off of your list and all you had to do was tap a screen – fantastic.

When you’re constantly on the move, ensuring that you get enough sleep can be challenging. There’s always one last chore before bed-time – whether it be some ironing or making tomorrows lunch. With everything that needs to be done, we often forget how essential it is to get 8 hours of sleep at a bare minimum. If you’re finding this difficult I cannot recommend SleepBot enough.

SleepBot is an app that tracks your sleeping patterns. It’s pretty simple, you set it up just before you go to bed and it monitors your movement & sound during the night. You also have the option to set an alarm. Now the wonderful thing about SleepBot is that it also tells you what your sleep deficit is. Ever wondered why you’re feeling so tired by Friday? You may just be feeling the affect of accumulated sleep loss. But the good news is, once you have a better idea of what your sleeping pattern is like, you can do something to improve it!


When ever I’m on Facebook, guaranteed I’ll see a funny video that I don’t just want to share but I’d also like to keep. With VideoDown Loader – this is actually possible. All you have to do is search for the contact, group or page that shared the video and within minutes it can be stored onto your device.

Now I don’t have to log onto Facebook every time I’d like to show a friend that funny video!

For those of you who love a brain teaser, Elevate may be the game for you. It’s actually a brain training app designed to improve your focus, speech, memory, math skills & much more. After taking a couple of tests you’re provided with a personalized training program that adjusts as you continue to play the game. It really does help to improve your skills and only takes up a few minutes of your day. It’s both challenging, fun and a little bit addictive!

I hope that these apps will be as useful to you as they have been to me! If you can think of any other really productive apps – give me a heads up by filling out the form below. I’ll take some time to test them and update this post in a few weeks!

2 thoughts on “10 Amazing Apps to Help Boost Your Productivity & Creativity

  1. Levi says:

    My name is Levi and here are my suggestions:
    This is a reminders app that will remind you to do things after a certain amount of time has passed since youve logged them
    Super simple organizer for just about anything.
    Best. Language. Learner. Ever.
    Awesome exercise app.

    Thanks for your suggestions!


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