Determination: Fight for it


Sometimes, it’s really hard to continue pursuing a goal when you’re no longer in the mood. I used to think that determination was ever lasting… I set a goal and I’ll always do everything in my power to achieve it!

I’ve now realised that determination has to be fought for. It’s so easy to get things done when I’m in the mood! You know whats difficult?

  • Going for a run when it’s -3 degrees outside and all I want to do is curl up in bed.
  • Organising my work load when I feel like a night out with my best friends.
  • Or even cooking (one of my favorite things to do!) when I’d rather have a meal materialize onto my plate… I can’t be alone here?

Determination doesn’t come into place until you are forced to stay committed to your goal long after the mood that you set it in has left you. That is the moment when you are truly tested. You may not be in the mood for days, weeks or even months and that’s when you have to fight for it. When your motivation reaches zero, ask yourself: how would it feel to fall short? Am I just giving in because this is out of my comfort zone? Take the time to think about how much it means to you & why it became your dream. You’ll soon find the determination to do what HAS to be done.

Determination, like so many things, is an ongoing battle. It’s OK and perfectly normal to lose focus (we’re human after all!). But when this happens, you have to fight to stay committed. It all starts with you.

Always remember: when you want what you have never had, you must do what you have never done.

Dream. Believe. Achieve.


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